Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wonder: A Breath-Taking Book by R.J. Palacio

10-year-old August Pullman has a lot on his mind. Up until this year, he has been home-schooled. Starting a new school is hard for anyone, but August has a deformed face. He struggles to make friends and to ignore the kids who don't understand that behind his odd face, he's just like any other fifth grader. August isn't the only kid who's having a rough year.  His sister Via feels like he gets all the attention and his friend Jack has no popularity now that he hangs out with August.
WONDER is an amazing book that left me blown away. It is in first person, which really enriched the characters for me. The point of view changes every once in a while, giving an honest account of how different people feel about August. This is a perfect book for girls and boys in fourth grade to seventh grade.

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